It Gets Better When you Move

The process of moving is surely one of the most complex and tedious activities that you would wish to occur more than once an year. However, sometimes it is not possible to stick in the same place for long if you are not sure about various issues in the area.

So, today I want to discuss some of the main reasons why people relocate from one house or office to another.


Poor Sanitation

Dirty water is one of the leading causes of infections and diseases in all parts of the globe. It does not really matter if it is a third world country or a newly promoted first world country. You should like in a place that is well sanitized, if not get the hell out and settle in a place that you feel comfortable.

Security Issues

In the last few decades, terrorism was just an issue in certain countries but that has so far changed as you will see from the news that hit the news everyday. You should make sure that the place that you are relocating to is safe and has the necessary infrastructure to get you moving.

Finally, the issue of living in a neighborhood that you love is very prevalent in most parts of the world. It is wise to get to a place that you can actually call home and not get pissed off when you invite friends and they start to diss the place.

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