About Us


If you are looking for a moving company in Italy that will get the work done perfectly and without compromising your budget, we are the right ones for you. For many years, Italy Local Movers has been doing what most local movers have failed to do and have done it perfectly. The many reviews that we get from our customers has all the proof that you need if you are in doubt.

The services we are offer are a broad range and this make us the most comprehensive and reliable provider of local and world-class moving services. The services are given with the highest level of urgency and we do not compromise on anything such as timely delivery and reputation.

The pricing system is very transparent. The amount of money that our personnel will quote is the correct figure and this means that you will not be charged a penny extra. This however is dependent on the work that will be done to get you moving and ready to start a new life in the new house or in the office.

The company has been working with other industry leaders to make sure that we deliver the best services to our customers. We however work smart to make sure that we do not end up implementing things that could spell doom on our company so we are keen on the ideas that we get.

Call us today for this and other great Italy local moving services. Trust us we will not disappoint.